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Fukushima Trip, August 6th-7th

We visited Fukushima from August 6th to 7th to participate in support activities.

Our team was comprised of five people; two volunteers and three staff members.


Tokyo is quite hot and humid during these summer months, but we found that Fukushima was just as hot.

The fields on our way from Minamisōma to Fukushima were filled with sunflowers. These were likely planted to decontaminate the radioactive soil.

They were smaller than regular sunflowers, but still beautiful.

Sunflower fields at dusk


《Fukushima in August》

Our collaborators at Hanamiyama wo Mamoru Kai (Committee to Protect Hanamiyama) took us to see the local nature.

The lotus flowers had grown taller, and the area was full of pink flowers known as the obedient plant, or false dragonhead.




On Day 1, we visited the Ōmika Lifelong Learning Center and the Omachihigashi Public Restoration Housing in Minamisōma City.

The heat left us constantly sweating, but many people still came by to receive thermotherapy treatment.


On the second day, we visited the headquarters of Hanamiyama wo Mamoru Kai, the children’s facility Rainbow House, Iinomachi Community Center, and Minna no Ie Second, an activity center for Fukushima returnees.

Iinomachi Community Center and Minna no Ie Second are two places where mothers can get together and discuss parenting, or engage in arts and crafts.

Most of these mothers experience pain in their back, shoulders, and hips. Many others experience headaches. While each thermotherapy session was short, participants were thankful and told us the thermal treatment helped to relieve their pain. We would like to continue helping these busy and tired mothers whenever we can.

Thermotherapy at Minna no Ie Second


《Thermotherapy participants》

Day 1: 14 people(3 at Ōmika Lifelong Learning Center, 11 at Omachihigashi Public Restoration Housing)

Day 2: 33 people(11 at Hanamiyama wo Mamoru Kai, 8 at Rainbow House, 3 at Iinomachi Community Center, 11 at Minna no Ie Second)


《A small break》

There’s a service area we always stop by on the way back to Tokyo.

This is the Hanyu Service Area in Saitama Prefecture. It’s especially popular in the summer months!


Our next trip to Fukushima will be on September 9th and 10th.



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