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2019 Activity Report Conference

Our 2019 Activity Report Conference is now over!

This year we saw 32 participants, with 15 people joining us for the first time.


We would like to thank everyone who joined us in the cold weather.

We were able to collect a total of 27,350 yen in donations! We appreciate your generous support.


This conference, we reported on the following four activities:

・Relief activities following Typhoon Hagibis

・Activities in Ukraine and Children’s Exchange Program

・Activities in Nepal

・Venezuelan Children’s Fund

We set up exhibits, photo albums, and monitors in the main hall, and established a charity booth selling items from Nepal and Ukraine.



<Inside the event hall>


We began by reporting on our disaster relief activities following the destruction caused by Typhon Hagibis.

Staff members presented the state of post-disaster relief activities in Marumori City, Miyagi Prefecture while wearing work uniforms.


<Reporting on Fukushima activities>


We went on to present our findings on the state of nuclear power plant-based damage that we witnessed during our May 2019 visit to Ukraine.

We also introduced various facilities we support and discussed this year’s Ukraine & Fukushima Children’s Exchange Program.

Through a short video, we were able to show the Ukranian children enjoying themselves in Japan and experiencing our culture, history, and lifestyle.



<Reporting on activities in Ukraine and Children’s Exchange Program>


Next, we presented on our activities during our most recent trip to Nepal in April.

We explained about the sports festival and physical fitness tests we hosted at a Nepali school. We also discussed the differences between Japanese and Nepali school environments, as well as differences between the stamina levels of the children.


<Reporting on Nepal activities>


Finally, we described our ongoing support activities in Venezuela.

Many of our guests were unfamiliar with the economic crisis devastating the country. They were very surprised to hear about the country’s current circumstances.

While our activities were limited by our physical distance from the country, we showed everyone pictures of the food distribution activities we conducted with the help of local volunteers in Venezuela.


<Reporting on Venezuela activities>


After the conference, we set up a station in our office for everyone to enjoy Nepali food, Ukranian chocolate, and drinks.

We received kind feedback from many of our participants. Your words give us the motivation to work harder!

While many of our staff members are still new, as CheFuKo, we will keep on striving to improve our organization.



<Post-conference party>


         <Feedback from participants>

-Thank you for hosting such a wonderful conference; I had no idea you were involved in all these activities. Now I’m interested in learning more about the world. As a representative of Japan, I wish your organization the best of luck!

-I was impressed by how many countries you support outside of Fukushima, Japan. I pray for the happiness of children all around the world. I’m happy to be able to give this organization my support.

-I thought that the explanations and images used in the presentations complimented each other well. They were interesting and easy to understand. The whole conference wasn’t too long, but it also wasn’t too short. I felt there was just the right amount of passion!


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