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Fukushima Trip, September 28th-29th

It is finally starting to feel like fall.

After 7 months, we were finally able to return to Fukushima and resume our support activities. We made sure to document our temperatures daily for two weeks, taking care to stay healthy. 5 staff members were present during the trip. This time, we were able to visit the cities of Fukushima and Minamisōma.





During our trip, we helped clear the Hanamiyama hiking trail, tended to the local vegetable fields, and performed thermotherapy on 9 individuals who requested the treatment.

The newly cleared area of Hanamiyama will be decorated with “The Bell of Restoration”, a bell built to celebrate post-earthquake restoration efforts.

Hanamiyama is a mountain famous for its sakura (cherry blossom) trees. The renowned Japanese photographer Shōtarō Akiyama used to visit Hanamiyama every year, once saying that “Fukushima has its own Peach Blossom Spring (Note: a utopia described in a famous Chinese fable)”.

The mountain is located about 10 minutes away from Fukushima Station by car. Each year, it is visited by many tourists who have come to see the beautiful flowers and sakura trees.

Find out more by visiting the non-profit organization Hanamiyama wo Mamoru Kai (Committee to Protect Hanamiyama)’s homepage here




Photos of Hanamiyama in spring: Fukushima Tourism Homepage https://www.f-kankou.jp/

CheFuKo will be continuing our support activities in Fukushima.


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