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Ukraine & Fukushima Children’s Exchange Program: Where are they now? ②

Today we will continue to check in with the children who visited Japan during our annual Ukraine & Fukushima Children’s Exchange Program, and find out where their lives have taken them.

Children from 2018 Exchange Program

Fedya Kobylynsky

Fedya is currently attending university to become a professional in the field of informatics and computational technologies. He dreams of one day creating his own information program. Fedya found Japanese people to be very hard-working. He would like to see the same hard-working spirit in Ukrainian laborers as well.


Ivan Kosynsky

Ivan is studying to become an electrician. He was impressed by the garbage sorting system in Japan, and wants to do his best to preserve the nature in Ukrane. Ivan was surprised by how many differences he found between Japan and Ukraine! He would like to visit many more countries in the future and experience their unique cultures.


Children from 2019 Exchange Program

Nastya Kononchuk

Nastya found a lot of inspiration from her visit to Japan last year. Her dream is to become a person worthy of living in this world, who can be kind and sensitive towards the people around her. She is also a talented artist and would one day like to start her own business. She is currently studying at the Academy of Statistics and Audit in Kyiv.


We look forward to hosting next year’s Ukraine & Fukushima Children’s Exchange Program!


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