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Fukushima Trip, November 17th-18th

With winter soon approaching, the mornings and evenings have gotten cold.
After checking our temperature for 2 weeks, we visited Fukushima again with a team of 3 staff members.





This month, we continued to help clear the hiking trails in Hanamiyama Park. This involved cutting down trees and feeding them to a wood chipper machine. Climbing up and down the mountain was exhausting work, but we could see that it was this kind of hard work that ensured the hiking trails were clean and accessible!

Each year, we carry out a Christmas card exchange project between the children of Ukraine, Nepal, and Fukushima. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic affecting postal services, we have decided to facilitate the exchange of shot video messages instead. We are currently working on preparing these videos so that they can be shared before the holiday season.





This month, we filmed one of these videos at the children’s facility Rainbow House in Fukushima City. We will be sharing this video with the children of Ukraine and Nepal. We thank the children and staff who appeared in the video!
We also performed thermotherapy on those who requested the treatment.





Pie, the young Maltese dog we met on our last trip, is now 7 weeks old! Her owner is making sure to take good care of her.

As the number of coronavirus patients continues to increase, we hope that everyone stays in good health.
We will continue our support activities in Fukushima in whatever capacity we are able.

November 17th-18h, 2020
Thermotherapy participants: 6 at Rainbow House


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