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Donating laptops to the children in Nepal

The month of February is halfway over, and the days are finally getting a little longer.

Due to the effects of COVID-19, schools in Nepal have been shut down since last April. The children of Rising Lotus Children’s Village (RLCV), one of the facilities we support through the CheFuKo Foster Project, have been sent away from Kathmandu to live with their family and relatives until the number of infections have gone down.

While the private school that the children attend has been offering online classes, the children don’t have access to the Internet or personal computers at home. The older children in grades 7 to 10 returned to RLCV last year so that they could continue their educations without falling further behind.

Unfortunately, three computers at RLCV all ended up breaking. An engineer was called in, but even he couldn’t fix them.

There were only two computers remaining; one laptop and one desktop computer we had donated on a previous visit. But in order to take online classes, each grade needed their own computer.

After being informed of the situation, we decided to donate four secondhand laptops to RLCV. Since COVID-19 has made it difficult to visit Nepal, we sent the laptops over through international mail.

The laptops were sent at the end of January, and arrived in Nepal in the beginning of February.





The managing director of RLCV has informed us that the children are using the laptops to take their online classes (pictured below).

The secondhand laptops we donated were provided by the non-profit organization Class for Everyone. We would like to express our gratitude for their contributions.

The CheFuKo Foster Project supports children who come from difficult family situations so that they can continue their studies. You can find out more about the project here.



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