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Organization Overview

At CheFuKo, we aim to help children and their families, both inside and outside of Japan, who face difficult circumstances such as disasters, poverty, and other humanitarian crises.



Our purpose is to assist in aiding children, their families, and those who support them who find themselves in difficult situations due to disasters, humanitarian crises, and poverty, both inside of Japan and abroad. By deepening our dialogue with local communities, we aim to provide sustainable aid that is aligned with the local needs of affected populations.



Providing opportunities to learn when education is a “privilege”

Through our “CheFuKo Foster Project” in Nepal, we support the educational opportunities of children living in group homes. In addition to covering tuition, we also work to introduce recreational activities such as sports and crafts to further enrich their school lives.


Encouraging communication across borders

At CheFuKo, we assist children living under difficult circumstances to explore the challenges faced by their communities and around the world. Through our annual “Ukraine & Fukushima Children’s Exchange Program”, we invite children from Ukraine to visit Japan and connect with the children of Fukushima.

Thermotherapy for the adults supporting children

Those of us who are affected by poverty and natural disasters often experience great physical and emotional duress. In addition to providing aid through funds and material goods, we aim to offer an opportunity for relaxation through the use of thermotherapy.

Thermotherapy, or thermal treatment, is a relaxation technique that warms the body with heat and far-infrared properties using a special device. We dispatch a team centered around thermotherapists certified by the Japan Thermal Therapist Association.

Delivering emergency aid after disasters

We began our work in Nepal following the severe earthquake that struck the country on April 25th, 2015. After hearing about the delay in rescue operations and reconstruction, we made the decision to fly to Nepal and contribute to relief efforts.

Since then, we have visited affected sites in Japan after disasters such as the 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes and the 2018 Japan floods, providing aid based on local needs and administering thermal treatment to those living in emergency shelters.


Organization Name

General Incorporated Association For the Children in the World (CheFuKo)


Ochanomizu First Bldg. 8F 2-5-1
Kandasurugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
101-0062 Japan

Contact Information

Tel: +81-3-5577-3155 / Fax: +81-3-3291-0011

Business hours: 9:30-18:30 (Closed on weekends, national holidays, and New Year’s holiday)

Date of Establishment

May 2013

Date of Certification

June 7th, 2013


4 office staff


Supporting educational and medical facilities (Ukraine)

Supporting group homes (Nepal)

Facilitating cultural exchange (Fukushima, Ukraine)

Thermotherapy treatment

Emergency disaster relief