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History of CheFuKo

Our origin: the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake

The history of our organization begins with our visit to Fukushima in the aftermath of the Tōhoku earthquake of 2011. Witnessing the public confusion caused by the radiation readings and the restrictions that were placed on going outside, we understood that it was the children who had suffered the greatest losses in their daily lives. We were motivated to take action in order to improve their conditions.

From there, we visited Chernobyl in order to learn more about the aftereffects of a nuclear disaster, leading us to begin our first overseas operations in Ukraine.



  • – Observational visit to Fukushima
  • – Beginning of support activities in Fukushima
  • – Observational visit to Zhytomyr, Ukraine


  • – Beginning of support activities in Ukraine
  • – Beginning of Christmas card exchange program (Ukraine & Fukushima)


  • – Emergency relief aid following 2015 Nepal earthquake
  • – Beginning of CheFuKo Foster Project in Nepal


  • – Emergency relief aid following 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes
  • – Symposium on “radiation” in Ukraine


  • – Beginning of Ukraine & Fukushima Children’s Exchange Program


  • – Emergency relief aid following 2018 Japan floods (Hiroshima)


  • – Beginning of Venezuelan child support fund
  • – Relief aid following Typhoon 19, 21 (Fukushima, Miyazaki)