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Venezuelan Children’s Fund

The Venezuelan Children’s Fund is a project intended to support the children and families of Venezuela who are in dire need of assistance.

Today, Venezuela is faced with a hyperinflation of over 1,000,000%, leaving the majority of its citizens in a state of poverty. Over 90% of families are unable to obtain enough food and frequently resort to picking through garbage on the side of the street. Children are unable to attend school due to chronic malnutrition.

CheFuKo strives to support the children of Venezuela, their families, and the organizations that work to help them. Your generous contributions allow us to continue our support.

Our activities in Venezuela


Amount of donation

Donations begin at one unit per month.

It is possible to change the amount or terminate payments at any time.

■Individuals             One unit : 1,000 yen per month
■Corporations              One unit : 30,000 yen per year

How to donate

Select your preferred amount and length of donations from the options below. Once we have received your payment, you will receive email confirmation.

■Individuals (select the number of units from the drop-down menu below)
1,000 yen per month  unit(s)

■Corporations (select the number of units from the drop-down menu below)
30,000 yen per year  unit(s)

You can use the following credit cards for your donation.


Important notice

  • -Before applying, please read our “[Online donation usage guide]” and “[Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act]“.
  • -We will use your name, address, and telephone number. The address you provided is used for reporting of activities and sending information to donors, etc. Please contact us if you don’t wish for your details to be used.
  • -For donations of inherited property, inherited funds, etc., please contact our office for consultation of procedures.