For the smiles of children today as well.


Volunteering with CheFuKo

Are you interested in joining us as a volunteer?
CheFuKo is looking for individuals who are interested in international cooperation, social work, and helping children. No prior experience is needed!

Operational support

Assist us with various administrative tasks at our office in Ochanomizu.

Even a small contribution makes a big difference. Hours are flexible.

Volunteer tasks:

  • -Preparing for domestic and international support activities
  • -Preparing pamphlets and reports for dispatch (twice a year, June and December)
  • -Computer input (as required)
  • -Other administrative tasks
If you are interested in volunteering, please come by the CheFuKo office. We will explain our activities and how to participate as a volunteer.

Activities in Fukushima

CheFuKo currently engages in monthly visits to Fukushima and Minamisōma, cities in Fukushima Prefecture

We engage in the following activities at preschools, kindergartens, and community centers for those affected by the Tōhoku earthquake:
  • 1.Thermotherapy treatment
    1.Thermotherapy treatment
  • 2.地元NPOの活動への参加(イベント手伝い、山整備、畑仕事など)
    2.Participation in local NPO activities (events, mountain clean up, field work, etc.)
We ask for your participation in a 2-day workshop before administering thermotherapy treatment.

Transport to Fukushima is by car. If you are interested in joining us, feel free to contact us using the form below:
Contact Form