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Personal information protection policy of written information

General Incorporated Association For the Children in the world (hereinafter referred to as “Association”), the Association recognizes that it is the responsibility of the Association to protect personal information on business activities and strive to protect personal information based on the following policies.

Personal information protection policy of written information

  • The Association has established a management system for the protection of personal information.
    The Association promises to collect, use and provide personal information only on this site according to the Association rules and other standards in an appropriate manner.
  • Measures to ensure accuracy and safety
    The Association will implement measures to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information. The Association will endeavour to prevent unauthorized access to personal information and loss, destruction, tampering, leakage, etc. of personal information.
  • Compliance with laws and regulations
    In the handling of personal information, the Association will comply with laws and other regulations concerning protection of personal information.
  • Continuous efforts concerning protection of personal information
    The Association will review and update our personal information protection continuously and make efforts for improvement.

Handling of personal information

The Association is collecting customer’s personal information for our service. The following explains in accordance with the provisions of the “Personal Information Protection Act” (hereinafter mentioned as “Personal Information Protection Law”) concerning the protection and handling of customer’s personal information acquired by the Association as a result of service. The disclosure of personal information from customers is completely optional. There is no need to disclose information if person does not want to, but if person does not submit the necessary personal information, the Association may refuse to offer the service.

Name of personal information handling company

General Incorporated Association for the Children in the World

In order to respect the Personal Information Protection Law, the Association established and implement “Personal Information Protection Policy”.

Purpose of use of customer’s personal information

Based on dealings with customers, the Association will collect personal information for the following purposes.
・Consultation and procedures concerning various services
・Web page creation
・Publish as Web information

Outsourcing of customer’s personal information processing

The Association will never outsource the processing of your personal information.

Collecting personal information which is open to the public
The Association collects corporate information such as telephone directory, newspaper, magazine etc. This is open to the public, and we use the information to post on the web.

Procedures such as disclosing, correcting, suspending of use, deleting personal information

  • The Association processes personal information properly and reasonably in accordance with the organization’s compliance program in case the Association receives a request from a person for disclosing, correcting, suspending of use and deleting, etc.
  • For such requests, please contact the Association directly.

Inquiries about personal information

The person in charge in the Association is responsible for managing personal information. For any inquiries about personal information, complaints, etc., please contact the following.
General Incorporated Association for the Children in the World
Tel:+81-3-5577-3155(Week days : 10:00~18:00)